Of Mice And Men Epilogue Analysis

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Of Mice and Men Epilogue There was an eerie silence that flowed through the bunk house. The dust settled on the table, cards set up for solitaire. The whitewashed walls seemed to turn greyer every minute that passed. The room seemed to be growing bigger making the men feel tiny. Everyone was still, looking at the ground. George raised his hat off his head and then the colossal silence was broken by a regretful tone. “Don’t think I shoulda done it”, George said “Ye right, ye shouldn’ have”, Curley said enraged, “Shoulda let me hang the bastard” “It wasn’t Lenny’s fault”, George’s voice grew loud and filled with anger “Couldn’t keep that wife o’ yours under control! Lennie didn’ mean no harm to her!”, his voice now full of rage. “It ain’t my…show more content…
She was so innocent and then yous turn up and that oaf killed her. He was the craziest son-of-a-bitch I ev’r seen”. “He ain’t a mean person, he never meant to hurt no one! But that wife of yours. She was jailbait, knew it the first time I saw her. Lennie never meant to hurt anyone”, George said breaking into a sob towards the end. “Hey its your guy’s fault she thought she was able to talk to men alone!”, Curley yelled George was shoved back by Curley and tripped on the flooring and squirmed backwards on the floor, Curley was advancing slowly towards him like a hunter when the prey can’t win. Carlson stepped in front of Curley in hopes of stopping him, but he was pushed back towards the table. George got to his feet and readied himself for a fight. Curley took a swing and it connected with George’s stomach winding him. Slim ran over to break the fight up. “Stop it Curley, he ain’t done nothin bad to you”, Slim said trying to get in between the two. Curley saw Slim and turned to face him “I’m the boss’ son, stay back or I’ll can the lot o’ ya”, Curley said with the victory sounding in his voice. “And if any o’ ya think o’ leavin’”, he rolled his shirt up to show the Luger in his…show more content…
He looked back at Slim and Carlson expecting them to have it. When he was sure they didn’t have it he turned back to George and recoiled in shock. George was standing in front of him, his face was bloodied and bruised. And extending from his right hand was the Luger he had taken from Curley in the fight, aimed right at his head. “You won’t do it”, Curley said in a cocky tone “I will. I swear I will”, George said in sob mixed with anger as he covered the ground between himself and Curley until the gun was touching his face. “Ok Ok we can talk bout this”, Curley said realising George was serious “We have talked. And this, this is for Lennie”. And as George said that he hit Curley on the side of the head knocking him out and giving him a cut. George showed no regret for his actions. Slim and Carlson just looked on in shock and then looked to George. “You gotta go George”, Slim said “I know”, George said calmly As George left the bunk house he turned around “Lenny would’ve wanted me to do it”, George said to reassure himself and the other two men. And with that George ran as fast as he could away from the
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