Of Mice And Men Essay: Loneliness

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Loneliness is a tough, sad feeling for many people and can definitely have affects on how they act and/or feel. Within Of Mice and Men the constant topic loneliness is talked about. Of Mice and Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck and is a realistic fiction novel that takes place in California during the Dust Bowl Era. Just about every character talks about their loneliness, some more that others. All the characters say at one point that they feel lonely and it affects their acts. Between Candy, Lennie, George, Crooks, and Curley’s wife all their traits of loneliness affect the way they act.

Curley 's wife is an alone character throughout the story and it affects her choice to go to everyone and talk to them and “ask”
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Crooks is an all alone, isolated character in Of Mice and Men, he is so isolated that he isn 't allowed in the bunkhouse because of his skin color and this loneliness and isolation affects him. When Lennie comes into Crooks ' room Crooks says "You got no right to come in my room. This here 's my room. Nobody got any right in here but me." Loneliness affects him here because he isn 't allowed in the bunkhouse so he has his own cabin and when Lennie comes in he isn 't used to people and he gets frustrated with Lennie. The first quote shows that Crooks doesn 't typically like people in his room because he isn 't used to it. This affects him because when Lennie comes into his room Crooks begin to snap at him and saying that he doesn 't have the right to be in there. Crooks ' is also affected because it causes him to be frustrated and it seems that his loneliness makes him uncomfortable around the others. Everyone doesn’t allow him because of his skin color, they think he is different from the others because at the time skin color was a big difference. Crooks gives Lennie a little talk to help Lennie understand what he is feeling. He says "S 'pose you didn 't have nobody. S 'pose you couldn 't go in the bunkhouse and play rummy 'cause you was black." Crooks is explaining to Lennie that unlike him he doesn 't have someone to be there for him like George. He is also saying that he feels lonely that he isn 't allowed in the bunkhouse with the others. The second quote
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