Of Mice And Men Fantasy Vs Reality

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Established author C.S Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, middle-aged migrant workers Lennie and George are companions with soaring hopes. In California during the 1930’s, Lennie faces mental dilemmas while George tries to appoint the two on the right track by finding the duo work at a ranch in Soledad. Retaining the little money they earn, together they acquire a dream to buy a farm and live off the land, trying to prove it 's never too late to dream. Over the course of the novel Of Mice and Men, the image that Lennie and George share starts off as a fantasy slowly becomes a reality, and then dies sorrowfully at the end of the novel. From…show more content…
Towards the middle of the novel Of Mice and Men, George And Lennie’s dream gradually strays from a fantasy and creeps closer to a reality. Sitting in the bunkhouse, Lennie asks George “how long 's it gonna be till we get that little place” (27). George responds by saying he isn 't sure but he does know they have to get together an immense steak. From a few feet away, Candy overhears the duos speculation and is eager for involvement. Candy explains how he is aging and disabled, therefore there isn 't going to be work left for him after the ranch work of Soledad is complete so he makes a deal with George and Lennie. Candy clarifies, “they give me two hundred an ' fifty dollars… an ' I got fifty more saved up… tha 's three hundred, and I got fifty more comin ' the end a the month” (29). Therefore, in total Candy offers to award Lennie and George a total of three hundred fifty dollars for the ranch in conjunction with a promise to tend the chickens and hoe the garden as long as he has a secure job and home on the farm. George tells the men that together, he and Lennie have ten dollars, but at the end of the month will have earned one hundred making the total four hundred fifty dollars. All of the sudden the men look at each other and realize, “This thing they had never really believed in was coming true”(29). Earlier George explained that the cost of the farm was around six hundred dollars, according to the lady who owns it, and the dream became even more realistic when they
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