Of Mice And Men: Film Analysis

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Directed by Gary Sinise and released in 1992, Of Mice and Men is a timeless film that manages to enchant audiences everywhere. It is a film that is quiet and subtle, yet it delivers a strong impact. Everyone can gather some sort of message from the film. The film is very versatile in that sense. It is open to interpretation. A key theme proposes a philosophical riddle regarding ignorance. Although individuals believe that knowledge is power, others would propose that knowledge does more harm than good. This film embodies the concept that ignorance is bliss. The film began by showing how two workers were trying to find a new job after an incident at their old work place. They manage to find a job on a farm with several other workers. The…show more content…
All she really wanted was to have a friend. Curley made her miserable. No one would even try to stand up to Curley, and this made it impossible for Curley’s wife to have any friends. This changed when Lenny busted Curley’s hand. Curley’s wife unfortunately developed an interest in Lenny after that incident. She didn’t know just how dangerous Lenny was, but she wasn’t supposed to be an intelligent character. “The character of Curley’s wife has been toned down into a lonely cipher. She’s no longer the heavily madeup plot function she is in the book. She’s sort of sweet and none too bright, which is politically correct” (Canby). Her lack of intelligence caused her death. Lenny killed her. After her death, a very symbolic image of a bird flying away was shown. This bird represented Curley’s wife. She was finally free. If she hadn’t known the pain of loneliness, she would not have been so miserable. Up to this point, Lenny had not felt any guilt for any of the things he had done. This incident was the exception. Lenny knew he had done something wrong. He mentioned “I’ve done something bad.” If Lenny had not known the gravity of the situation, then he would have been able to continue his life without any remorse. Ignorance would have been bliss in this scenario, but unfortunately Lenny knew he had done something
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