Of Mice And Men Foreshadowing Analysis

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Foreshadowing means to show or indicate beforehand, and in the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, foreshadowing plays a major role in the storyline. Many events in the story foreshadow things that later happen, and once they do, the relationships between the events are very clear. Of Mice and Men follows the lives of George Milton and Lennie Small after they have run away from a town named Weed because of a situation Lennie had with a girl. George and Lennie work as migrant workers traveling together to different ranches in order to make money. A big part of the George and Lennie’s lives is the dream that they share: to make enough money and buy their own ranch and be able to grow crops and raise animals. Lennie has a very big attraction to soft things that he can pet; this gets him in trouble throughout his life. Many events in Of Mice and Men are foreshadowed such as Curley’s wife’s untimely death, the loss of the farm dream, and Lennie’s death. In the novel Lennie shows great interest in petting soft things, and it is also shown that Lennie normally kills the things he pets. However, Lennie and George were caught in a situation in Weed where Lennie grabbed onto a girls dress and this got him and George into serious trouble. According to George, Lennie gets himself into trouble like that “All the time somethin’ like that—all the time” (Document B). Lennie is very innocent and did not realize that holding onto the girls dress just to feel it would get him into
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