Of Mice And Men Friend Qualities Essay

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A friend is someone who cares for you and supports you. The three most important qualities for a friend to possess are trust, care, and being nonjudgmental. Trust is important because you should be able to tell your friend anything. A friend should be trustworthy. You should trust that your friend would not share information that you share with them. He or she must also be caring. A friend must care for you. He or she should always take into consideration your feelings. The third important quality of a friend is to be nonjudgmental. A friend loves you for you, and a person should not have to change for anyone else. No matter what, your friend should always stand by your side. The character that best exemplifies the qualities of a friend is George Milton in the novel, Of Mice and Men.
George Milton exemplifies trust in many ways throughout the story. Lennie Small shares everything about his life with George. He knows that he can trust that George will always be by his side and not share
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George is Lennie's caretaker. Since Lennie's Aunt Clara died, George has taken care of Lennie. He takes Lennie everywhere and gives him everything he needs. Lennie looks up to George almost like a child to a parent because he feels he always wants George to be happy and proud of him. With love for one another, they always support each other.(Core 1) George took care of Lennie, not because he had to, but because he wanted to.(Core 37) He showed his love for his friend.
The third characteristic of George is nonjudgmental. Even though Lennie was not totally mentally normal, George still cared for him.(Core 12) George loved Lennie for who he was. They were able to act as themselves around each other and not feel bad about who or how they were.
As described in this essay, a friend is someone who exemplifies trust, care, and being nonjudgmental. Neither George nor Lennie exemplify anything but the qualities of a friendship in the story.(Core
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