Of Mice And Men Friendship Theme

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There are many really great themes in the book Of Mice and Men. The thematic subject is friendship/companionship. The theme this book portrays the most will deal with the character Lennie Small. In John Steinbeck’s story, Of Mice and Men shows that friends stay together until the end. The first reason why I believe the theme I chose is correct because in the story George tells Lennie to stay with him even though Lennie is a bother to him. The first example would be when Steinbeck shows that when Lennie says he can go away at anytime, George disagrees and tells him to stay (12-13). Also, a second example is a quote from the book, “If you don’t want me, you only jus’ got to say so, and I’ll go off in those hills right there-right up on those hills and live by myself. An’ I won’t get no mice stole from me.” George replies with, “I want you to stay with me, Lennie” (Steinbeck 13). That quote implies that George and Lennie has a sibling connection with…show more content…
An example of this is from the book. Curley said to George, “ Don’t shoot ‘im. He got Carlson’s Luger. ‘Course we’ll shoot ’im” (Steinbeck 98). This implies that Lennie will die and nothing can be done to stop it. George now knows that it will be better for him to kill Lennie himself rather than Curley finding him and killing him. The next example is when Steinbeck shows when George shoots Lennie in the back of the head (106). The reason he did that was because as close and long friends, it would be best if he killed him himself.
In John Steinbeck’s story, Of Mice and Men shows that friends stay together until the end. Firstly, George tells Lennie to be with him even though sometimes he is a bother. In addition, George is willing to help Lennie whenever he is in trouble. Finally, George kills Lennie himself to prove their long friendship. All in all, what do you do to prove your
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