Of Mice And Men George And Lennie Friendship

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In Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie both express themes of friendship, love, and loyalty. George has been through everything with Lennie, whether it was good or bad. Even when Lennie got into some trouble and was accused of rape in Weed by touching a girls dress, George helped him escape. When they escaped, they went to find a job together to earn money for a little ranch or farm of their own. Lennie is a big, mentally dumb yet gentle man, while George is a small yet quick-witted man.

An example of the love and friendship these main characters have in the novel would be when they made up after George said he would be better off without Lennie and that he would have a much better life. To make things better, George talks to
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Curley is a short man who thinks he can push people around and fight with larger men because of his jealousy and insecurities. His wife who doesn’t have a name, likes to flirt with all the ranch hands and doesn’t even care much for Curley in the first place. In the story, George learns to trust Slim and decides to tell him about how he and Lennie escaped being lynched in Weed. When George tells Lennie about their dream again, Candy overhears them and offers George to give him all of his money to let him work on their farm. George trusts him and allows to let him work with them on getting the farm. Later on, Lennie decides to visit Crooks for the first time. The way Crooks acts towards him is starting out as rude and contemptuous. But after to getting to talk for a while, Candy joins their conversation and starts talking to Lennie about their dream of the new farm. When Crooks is there, he starts to show some interest in joining Lennie, Candy, and George with the new farm. After all the ranch hands leave, Curley’s wife visits Lennie, who earlier accidently crushed his puppy. She pities Lennie, but tells him about her past and how she wanted to be an actress. She allows Lennie to feel how soft her hair is, but it goes too far and he accidentally snaps her neck after she was freaking out. Lennie ran to the brush that George told him to go to if something bad happened. When the ranch hands find the dead body of Curley’s wife,
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