Of Mice And Men: George And Lennie's Relationship

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George and Lennie 's relationship is closer than most friendships now a days. George is like Lennie 's big brother and cares for him like their family. For example, when Lennie got in trouble in Weed, George did not leave him and helped him escape. Another example of George acting like a big brother to Lennie is, he holds on to Lennie 's work card so he does not lose it. George also really cares for Lennie and does not want him to leave. For example, when Lennie talks about leaving and living in a cave, George tells him that he has to stay with him to survive. George does not like to hurt Lennie 's feeling, even though he does yell at him a lot. For example, when George is saying he would be better off without Lennie, but when he sees Lennie
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