Of Mice And Men George And Slim Analysis

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When Carlson says to Curley, “Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two guys”, Carlson is wondering why George and Slim are sad. George is grief-stricken because Lennie was like a little brother to him, and he cared immensely for him, nevertheless. Slim is lugubrious for the reason that Lennie seemed so innocent to him and seemed to have been killed out of sorrow. From the moment that Slim saw Lennie, it seemed like Lennie and Slim formed a special bond. When Lennie had wanted a pup from Slim, he did not seem to care to give it to Lennie. It also might have been because Slim felt bad for Lennie for the reason that Lennie has the mind of a five-year-old. George and Lennie have been together for awhile now and it was painful for George to put Lennie’s lights out. Think of you being in George’s shoes and having an annoying sister who constantly acts like a five-year-old. Now think about killing her just because you know she is going to cause trouble. However you felt about your sister, that is how George felt about Lennie. Sad and crazy right? Slim is a nice person who doesn’t seem to have any problems. Well now he does. Slim seemed to want to have a nice friendship with Lennie but he now cannot.…show more content…
I think I relate to him the most because I have to take care of my obnoxious sister all the time. She is just like Lennie; she is annoying and I sometimes think that she has the mind of a five-year-old. I feel like George and I would be best friends because both of us are constantly having to deal with annoying people. George is noble and clever. He is able to solve problems that are very complicated. I am also able to do all of these things even if they take me forever. Whenever a problem occurs either with me or my sister, I always have a solution to it. Even if I have to go beyond my limits, I always solve a complicated
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