Of Mice And Men George's Dream Analysis

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Georges dream of owning a ranch in Of Mice And Men is hurt by his loyalty of Lennie, his lack of money, and his many emotions. The first reason why George's dream is hurt is because his loyalty to Lennie. George show loyalty to Lennie by taking him every where he goes even after he gets them in trouble. “No—look! I was jus’ foolin’, Lennie. ‘Cause I want you to stay with me. Trouble with mice is you always kill ‘em.” This quote goes into my main idea because George is very loyal to Lebbie. George does a lot for lennie and George it's sick of him a lot. george loves to care of lennie he has a lot of responsibility to keep track of what he does all the time and make sure he stays out of trouble.Lennie gets into a lot of trouble and George gets…show more content…
He is very nice and he is caring. He really takes a roll in Lennie's life he becomes like father or brother. George loves Lennie and love taking care of him but he just can't anymore he is just so mad at Lennie because Lennie always gets in trouble. goerge over all has some great emotions in this book he is very nice and caring once again. George has to work very hard to get money. George is going to have to work very hard to buy a ranch by himself with Lennie. George has to change jobs a lot because of lennie and if he has to keep changing his job he won't make as much because he won't be able to get a raise when he get a new job. He won't be able to get better paying jobs for a long period of time because Lennie always gets into trouble either at work or just in the town. In conclusion, George has a big dream in this book. Georges dream may not become true because lennie but he keeps lennie with him cause he care for him. George had a tough decision to shoot Lennie or not. Over all I really liked this book.I would recommend this book to 10 to 15 year old it is a quick and great
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