Of Mice And Men Lennie's Flaws

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“...We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us” (John Steinbeck) think about having a flaw you couldn’t help that might affect your daily life every day of your life and how you would be treated unfairly or others around you. Well, put yourself in Lennie Smalls shoes for a day.The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is an American tragedy; Lennie is often given consequences for his unknown disability and/or moral flaw, weakness, and inability to adjust to situations. Lennie struggles in his everyday life due to his moral flaw and is taken by a trip down a long suffering path.

When Aunt Clara passed away George took Lennie under his wing since Lennie wasn't very stable by himself; George and Lennie ventured off to Salinas, California where they were then chased out of town. George often said “‘God, you’re a lot of trouble’” (Steinbeck, 7) to Lennie referring back to him having a mental disability. Since he couldn't necessarily help what he did, he did something that got him and George into a lot of
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Lennie was left alone with his puppy, the puppy began to bark and Lennie tried to stop him because if he couldn’t take care of the puppy he couldn’t tend the rabbit’s. When he tried to stop him from barking he killed the puppy; he then tried to cover it with hay so no one would find out. To his surprise Curley’s wife was in the barn, she asked what he did and what he was hiding. She continued to talk to him, she then offered to let Lennie touch her hair because it was very soft. He did and kept touching it as she tried to tell him to stop and he didn’t she started to scream so Lennie held on tighter he was telling her not to yell because he wouldn’t get to tend the rabbits. She didn’t stop yelling so by accident Lennie snapped her neck and she died; he then dried to hide her body like he did with the puppy, under the
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