Of Mice And Men Light Analysis

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Dark and light, the hopes and dreams of an other or the lost of hope. Steinbeck used many types of symbolism and foreshadowings throughout the story Of Mice and Men. He used it to get his point across to the reader. Steinbeck used the lives of George and Lennie to show how american society was in the 1930’s. George and Lennie aren’t like your typical workers. Lennie has a human disablity, so George has to get him out of trouble from time to time. Steinbeck’s use of symbolism with light and dark connected the story with how the society makes it hard for someone to follow their dreams, with hidden setting details, different characters and their experiences, and the use of the characters’ dreams. Steinbeck’s use of detailed hidden meanings of light and dark, to connect the story with his larger point. At the beginning of the story it starts out very hopeful with George and Lennie going to a new place and being interviewed for a job on a ranch. Steinbeck used light to show that this point in the story they had hope, but Steinbeck never tells you that light means hope instead he used detailed hidden meanings. For example in chapter one, the setting starts off in a bright valley where George and…show more content…
For example in chapter six, as George holds the gun in place: “Lennie turned his head and looked off across the pool and up the darkening slopes of the gabilans” (Steinbeck 105). During this scene George told Lennie Lennie to imagine the dream farm out in the distance. Steinbeck had used this part because he wanted the reader to see that the american society during this time in history made men lack emotion, that people wanted company and fulfillment from another, and that this society was unfair with the power people had over one another which made it hard to go somewhere in their lives. The used of the characters’ dreams being lost helped Steinbeck get this larger point
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