Of Mice And Men Loneliness Essay

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In Of Mice and Men, loneliness is a prominent theme that reveals itself in many instances throughout the book. It seems that nearly all the characters possess it in some way, shape, or form, but they do not all show it in the same manner. Being lonely can cause tragedies to occur similar to the death of Curley’s wife, or it can create a cloud over someone, causing his or her ultimate end. A couple of characters that seclusion is very noticeable in are Curley’s wife and Crooks. They go about life being secluded, but they show it in different ways. George and Lennie show loneliness, although it seems they do not since they accompany each other. There are many reasons that people become lonesome, including experiencing a lack of attention, having no one to talk to, or being the only one of their kind. These reasons and the situations of each character can be evaluated to figure out exactly why loneliness is a dominant part of his or her life. More in the past than now, there were reasons as to why people became lonely. Some reasons may include a lack of friends or not having much of a life. When someone does not have anyone to confide in, all of his or her thoughts and emotions are bundled inside waiting to be let loose. Today, most people have at least one friend that they can speak to, but back then it was not…show more content…
Many of the characters in Of Mice and Men portray the character trait of loneliness, which ultimately causes their downfall. Curley’s wife is someone who tries everything she can to find a companion to talk to, but she is unsuccessful. Crooks is alone in the fact that he is the only one of his ethnicity living on the farm. Although it may not be obvious, George and Lennie display the theme of solitude the most because they have no one that understands their situations. The theme of loneliness is universal; many have suffered from its
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