What Is The Theme Of Loneliness In Of Mice And Men

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I shall be writing about the theme of loneliness in the book of mice and men. There are a lot of themes in the story but I choose loneliness. Many characters for example Candy and George give examples of loneliness. I would also write about the effect of loneliness had on them. George may have had Lenny to accompany him but, it was not enough. Lenny was more of a kid to be taken care of than a friend. Lenny and George’s relationship was more lie a friendly partnership. George was still lonely in other ways throughout the story. George is quick to tell Lennie that without him on his tail he would have a much better life. George says directly to Lennie everything of how much easier his life would be if he did not have to take care of Lenny. This shows that although they…show more content…
Candy later on willingly let himself get involved in George and Lennie’s dream of having a piece of land somewhere else. Candy was so desperate that he was willing to pay most of the money and do most of the labor work. There loneliness has led them to become so lonely that they are desperate enough to do things they would normally think about before deciding not just do it because it’s a chance for them to be part of something. We all want to be included or be part of something so it is understand able when people do things because they have no other choice.

In conclusion we can see that loneliness affects most of the characters in the story of mice and men, If not all. Loneliness in the story is shown to be absolutely inevitable. The characters in the story were unable to prevent almost any of the things that have happen to happen. They are not the kind of people that work in one place for a long time so they do not make those long lasting bonds that they should be making. Even thought I did not mention the main characters most of the characters had some sort of loneliness affecting
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