Of Mice And Men: Movie Analysis

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Gary Sinise (George), John Malkovich (Lennie), Sherilyn Fenn (Curley’s Wife) and Casey Siemaszko (Curley) come together to make a film called Of Mice and Men. The movie Of Mice and Men which was based off the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck was an exceptional movie that had a great soundtrack, beautiful images but all goes along with a big idea. The movie appeals to all ages and can be interpreted in many iways. The movie starts with a woman running away in a red dress. She is running is a felid and her face makes her seem that she is worried. Then it shows two men running away from a group of men. This introduces that the two men did something to that girl that made other men mad. It makes the audience interested of what they did…show more content…
In the beginning there was creepy music that turned into a train on tracks, this makes the audience feel scared and tense in the beginning. Except sometimes when the movie got more intense like the time Curley was going to kill Lennie the music gets loud and dramatic, that impacts the audience because they become intrigued about what is going to happen from the noisy, intense background. Another dramatic music scene was when Lennie was fighting Curley. There was loud music that had a dramatic feel. Every time the movie would bring up their “dream” which their American Dream the music would get soft and a happy melody. This brings up that this idea is what makes them happy. They play the same melody so it makes the reader remember the dream and how it make Lennie and George feel. Also there is a soft melody after George kills Lennie. This shows how George wanted Lennie to be killed calmly and also it makes George seem upset. The cinematic of the film helped the mood and the plot. When Lennie and Curley were fighting they kept zooming in on their faces and the hand, which makes the mood more fierce and how much Lennie was hurting Curley. Also at the end when George is going to shoot Lennie it was very pretty and relaxing, this image shows how George wants Lennie to be killed peacefully and happy. Not in pain and not to make a dramatic
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