Of Mice And Men: Summative Analysis

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Sree Muthukrishnan 9.6 Of Mice and Men Summative Assessment Rationale: This following letter takes place a few years after the ending of “Of Mice and Men”. I pictured a request from George to ask Slim to join his farm. I wrote these letters so that they portray the friendship of George and Slim during their time together at the ranch and after that. I used informal writing to write their voices. I tried to write in a voice that George and Slim would normally speak in. I added some slang in certain places to make the letter sound more casual. I used some emotion in George’s letter to portray how much he cares for Lennie. I also used some comforting tone in Slims letter. I decided to write from George’s perspective after the book because I wanted to show how guilty George feels after shooting Lennie evan if it was to save him. I also included details of Lennie’s and his dream to own a farm. Word Count: 156 20 May 1940, Small Ranch, Sacramento, California. Dear Slim,…show more content…
Hows it goin’ on at the ranch. How’re Carlson an’ Whit an the ol’ man who’s in charge. How’re Crooks and Curley.I wanted to ask ya this ever since Candy an’ I left the ranch. I’ve been wonderin’ maybe you can join me an’ Candy on the farm. We have chickens an’ pigs an’ a barn with three horses and a stack fulla’ hay. At first I wasn’t sure ‘bout gettin’ the farm but I figured Lennie would get upset even if he wasn 't ‘ere. I managed to get it within 400 bucks. I had to buck wheat an’ barley for days before I got that munch money. I know I should’ve asked you before. I really am sorry Slim an’ I understand if you don’ wanna join us. I thought it will useful for someone else to hep us aroun’ the farm since ol’ Candy’s been gettin’ weak. Theres been a hell lot of extra work since I gotta feed the pigs an’ chickens and take care of ol’ Candy. I jus’ wish that fool Lennie was with us now. He wouldn’t get into no trouble ‘ere. Would’ve filled 5 bags with hay within a minute too. He is such a damn fool goin’ and messin’ with Curley’s wife when I tol’ him not to. I jus’ had to do it, Slim. I couldn 't see him like that. It was nice writin’ to ya Slim. Tell me if you wanna join us or not. Well I’ll be waitin’ for ya at the…show more content…
Every things been goin’ on fine George. Everyone’s fine, even that Curley seems to be havin’ some fun. Mabye cause’ his old man retired and left ‘im the farm. George, I was jus’ thinking about visitin ' you at the farm when you came up with this offer. Of course I would like to come George, I’ve been wantin’ to ask you myself if I could join you guys on your farm. I not mad at all that you didn’t ask me earlier. I always knew it was your dream to have a farm all to yourself with jus’ Lennie an’ Candy with ya. I find it funny that you even asked me. Sorry to hear about ol’ Candy. Make sure your takin’ good care of him once I get there. I’ll handle all the work you got for me, no sweat. You jus’ take of Candy will ya. I got some cash on me, ‘bout 500 bucks. You wouldn’t mind if we use that to build ourselves a nice mill to add to the farm. I wonder what the guys at the ranch are gonna say when I break the news. They always depend on on me for everythin’. Well I guess its about time they do things on their own. Don’t feel bad bout Lennie. You would’ve been even more upset if you didn 't kill ‘im. Who knows what that Curley would’ve done to him. “Sometimes a man’s gotta do
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