Of Mice And Men Opening Scene Analysis

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The movie Of Mice and Men starts out with an action filled scene with two men being chased by men on horses. This scene captivates the audience because it brings curiosity, confusion, and chaos with the excitement of dangerous music in the background. Gary Sinise (the director) did a good job in this scene, because not only does the scene add interesting details, but it also gives a hint of foreshadowing.

The film was also well illustrated. The way that the camera would move so it felt like the characters were real allows the audience to become in-touch with their imagination. The camera also does an amazing job at portraying the characters’ personalities. For example, the first time the film introduces the Boss, it’s a clip of him pounding open a nut with a nut cracker. This adds a high level of intimidation to the scene and to the Boss, especially because there’s the sound of the loud crack of the nut popping open. It was also interesting how the director (Gary Sinise) chose to not show the clips of the animals dying such as; the mouse, the pup, and Candy’s dog. However, he chooses to include clips of Lennie and Curley 's wife dying.

The way the actors spoke and played their character made the film seem more realistic and believable. The character of Lennie Small, who was played by John Malkovich, did a good job at
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The movie shows and explains more about the background of George and Lennie by showing the running scene at the beginning. At the end of the movie there is a change in the script. In the book, after George kills Lennie, all the men come and try to make George feel better. However, in the movie, it shows flashbacks to good moments that the two men shared. All these additions in the movie make the film better because it leaves the audience with more information and less room to have
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