Of Mice And Men Poem Analysis

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“But mousie you are not alone your planning may be in vain, the best plans of mice and men often go Ary.” A line from “Of Mice And Men.” A poem by by Robert burns which’s theme is Even the best laid out plans fail and we should show sympathy for the ones whose plans do. When John Steinbeck wrote his book OMM, he had Robert Burns
Poem in mind and here's why. From page one Lennie an George had plans of working to come up with there own money to buy a farm, which they would work on and live off the land. But Lennie and George’s plan changes when they are forced to run out of the ranch they originally worked on in Weed causing them to have to relocate to a Ranch in Salinas California where they’ll work bucking barley setting them on their way to a successful plan.
When the plan seems closer the two hit a bump in the road when they meet the boss who believes that lennie should do the talking because he's a bigger guy, but because of lennie's condition he can't so George continued to do the talking and there almost canned before even getting the job. “Say what you selling” asked the boss, george saves their jobs with replying, “I said he's a good worker I never said he's bright, he's my cousin told his old lady id look after him he
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Crooks understanding that this may be his only chance at being happy offers to provide and care for the chickens on lennie and george's farm. George accepts crooks offer and agrees to let him in on the dream farm changing their plans for the better.A final example of the theme of OMM becomes evident in the final portion of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men when Lennie makes a mistake that would change the plans in the most ill of ways
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