Of Mice And Men: Poem Analysis

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The novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck begins besides the Salinas river near
Soledad, California, 1937. Where two traveling farm hands George Milton(the main character) and Lennie Small are on their way to a nearby ranch. The two have recently escaped from a farm where Lennie was accused of rape after he tried to feel a woman’s soft dress. Lennie, a mentally disabled man finds great pleasure in feeling soft things. As they’re walking, George yells at Lennie for playing with a dead mouse and tells him not to speak when they reach the new farm. After they eat dinner, in which Lennie complains about not having ketchup for his beans, and when George gets angry at Lennie, he says that he would be better off without Lennie. The pair go to sleep. And when they wake up George informs Lennie about his dream, in which the two manage to get enough money to buy a small piece of land. In George’s dream the two have a small farm with a vegetable patch, and a rabbit hutch. The rabbit hutch is seemingly
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Of Mice and Men” is a poem, by scottish poet Robert Burns in the 18’th century. The poem is about a mouse, who very carefully and very meticulously builds a nest for the winter in a wheat field. And when finished, ends up having the nest destroyed by a ploughman. But the main message of the poem comes from the reflection of the ploughman after he destroys the nest. He ponders the true differences between men and animals, how in the end “intelligent” man, and “unintelligent” animal, all suffer, and die in the end. How this relates to the book “of Mice and Men,” is instead of animals, and men. It’s weak men (Lennie) and strong men (George, Candy, the Boss…. And pretty much every other character in the book.) While Lennie(the mouse) may have gotten killed (had his nest destroyed) by George (the ploughman.) George will also have his metaphorical nest destroyed. And in the end, none of it really even
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