Of Mice And Men Powerlessness Analysis

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Have you ever felt so powerless to where you can almost do nothing about it? “Of Mice and Men”, is a novel about friendship, care, and love. However the story has its bad parts such as Isolation, loneliness, and feeling powerless. In the short book, the author Joh Steinbeck does a wonderful job of portraying the theme Powerlessness. The main characters George Milton and Lennie Small have a dream about one day living alone on their own piece of property. Lennie is not a bright man, he has some metal issues and the two were run out of town because of it. Nevertheless the two won’t give up their hopes and dreams of one day living by themselves. A area were Steinbeck shows powerlessness is when Lennie and George go in for a job interview and the women questions Lennie because of his disability. “Oh I aint sayin he bright. He aint, but I say he a god damn good worker, he can put up to four hundred pound bale.” Clearly the only thing Lennie has going for him is his strength, he's strong, but he feels powerless when it comes to solving a problem. He can also get distracted very easily, so the women questions herself if she really wants to hire a man, and pay a man, with a disability. Another example of where the author shows powerlessness is when…show more content…
Crooks was speaking to them when they questioned where all their money is going and he says “That where your money’s goin’. Jesus I seen it happen to many guys with land in there hand. They never get none under their hand. What he is saying is that they are spending it on things right away for self gratification instead of saving their money and spending it for later. Both men feel helpless because they realize they could have already gotten there land but instead spent it and must earn it all
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