Of Mice And Men Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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Throughout all religions, they seem to have both their praised and controversial qualities. With Christianity and Islam, both have been praised for spreading peace and how many people follow them. But both have been plagued with unfortunate radicals from extremist branches. Another one of the world’s largest religions is Judaism. Throughout the history of Judaism, they always seem to be persecuted. Whether that being in ancient Egypt, modern times, or the 30’s and 40’s. Judaism has always been one of the most persecuted religions in the world. The Shakespeare classic The Merchant Of Venice explores this. The main “villain” of the story is Shylock, an archetype of the stereotypical Jew.
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The only woman in the novel is Curley’s wife, who doesn 't even get a name. On the farm, she’s discriminated against in multiple ways. She’s seen as an object by Curley, with little to no respect whatsoever. She’s not allowed to go out to town, and is stuck on the farm. And when Curley keeps his hand in a glove filled with vaseline to make it smooth for her. It shows how Curley only care for her because of her looks. And makes Curley’s wife feel lonely inside. Crooks and Lennie are both discriminated unfairly as well. Crooks is african american, a main target of discrimination in the early 1900’s. When the workers are heading out to town, Crooks, Lennie, and Candy are forced to stay by themselves. It shows both of the hard working men aren’t seen as valuable by the rest, because of their physical or mental…show more content…
When looking to the classic novel Of Mice and Men, multiple groups are discriminated against. By examining the discriminations, we see how the discriminations deeply affect the characters. It has an impact upon them throughout the story. Although the early 1900’s may have been a dark and scary time for America. None of us truly know the impact it had back then,but by reading Of Mice and Men. We could see how the financial and racial discrimination affected people back then. Although we may say that we live in a time of discrimination now, we have to remember that discrimination has always been around. And very predominant in Of Mice and Men, and greatly affected people then, and is an interesting read
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