Of Mice And Men: Qualities Of A Friend

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What is a friend? The technical definition is a person who one knows and with who one has a bond of mutual affection. In my personal opinion, a friend is someone that will always have your back, someone who can laugh with you, maybe even someone who shares the same interests as you. Friends are very important to everyone because when life gets rough you need a friend that will help you through your struggling times. Many people have many friends. Many people think they have your back. It is only when something rough comes up, such as Lennie and George’s relationship in ‘Mice and Men’. When Lennie kills someone by accident and is about to be hung for it, George has his back and kills him in a nicer way to prevent extra pain and humiliation for Lennie. When I look for a friend I look for qualities like this along with many other things. One important trait is dependability. Will they have your back? If your friend has this trait you know you can trust him with anything thus fortifying your friendship. A question I asked myself after reading ‘Of Mice and Men’: was if I slipped up and did something that would have severe consequences such as being hung. Would my own friends have my back? I can answer that with “yes”, but if your answer is “no”, you need to find yourself new friends. Another important trait to a friend is, sharing…show more content…
I need a friend that can help get me through these down times. A plus in a friend would be sharing these same traits so when things go wrong we can be upset together. A cool off game of 2k would be in order. Another important trait I need, which is very important is being able to admit you are wrong even if you happen to be right, because the honest truth is I most likely will not admit being wrong. That should be the only time you lie though, because the next and last trait I look for in someone is
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