Of Mice And Men Quotes About Dreams And Dreams

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Why are hopes, dreams, and goals so key to life? [B] The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, War Dance and, Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck all exhibit the spiraling effects of hope and dreams. [C] Hope provides people with a sense of wonder and curiosity to explore and think outside of the box, as shown in the previously mentioned stories. [D] Hopes, dreams, and goals push people to explore life outside of their comfort zones. [E] People like the children of northern Uganda from the film War Dance, are shown touring through new and unknown paths on their trails of life. [F] Rose, Dominic and Nancy lived their whole lives in the Bush, but we’re able to see life outside of the Bush when they were given the chance to participate in the…show more content…
[F] In the film, Walter is shown to shown to be a very bland, boring person. However, after being criticized and bullied, he goes out on a limb to find the negative by traveling and doing things he would have never thought of doing before. [G] Another interesting man decided to write an article titled, The Secret Of Life By Walter Mitty, in which Moses Ma analyzes and explains the beauty of the film (2013) as such, “ … yet deeply spiritual - because it quietly celebrates the pronounced joy and healing of being fully present. ...ends up jumping out of a helicopter in the ocean, survives a shark attack…” (Ma, 1). [H] The author of the article describes the film as centered around the idea of being fully present as well as a small fraction of the things that Mitty partakes in during the story. Hope is described as the will and the ways of achieving goals/dreams which Mitty does with self discovery. [I] By creating the goal of finding the negative and becoming peaceful with himself, Walter is able to do things he would have never imagined doing. The effect of his adventures leads Walter Mitty very confident, proud, and simply happy at the end of the film. [J] A…show more content…
Throughout the story the men risk everything to make their dream of owning a ranch, a reality. [F] George deals with the discomfort of talking about his once unreachable paradise with someone else, when he realizes that it may be possible to obtain. [G] Scott Barry also discusses how hope affects performance, in his article The Will and Ways of Hope. In his ninth paragraph, he tells of a study done by a woman named Rebecca Görres; her results were such, “...participants who were instructed to think hopefully were better at making remote associations, generated a higher quantity of ideas…” (Barry, 2). [H] When George began to develop hopeful thinking, he began to have a more optimistic view of life and work as the reader is able to read about in the novel. [I] George constantly reminds Lennie that he’ll be able to take care of the rabbits that they will have on the farm, and he begins to think realistically about the idea of the farm such as the pricing. The idea of the farm brings out an emotion that George seemed to have difficulty expressing. [J] At the end of the novel, George’s hope serves him the discomfort of loss, but guides him with peace in return. [K] In the article, How We Lose Hope And How We Get It Back by Joe Wilner, Wilner writes a description of how people lose their hoping saying, “When we experience loss over time we
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