Of Mice And Men Relationship Between George And Lennie

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In the story mice of men by John Steinbeck was about two people named George and Lennie which are the main characters throughout this story. They seem to have a lot of trouble to keeping a job. They find a job and it was going well at first they were keeping their heads low not getting into any trouble. This was going well until they got themselves into a sticky situation and a very hard situation had to be made. John Steinbeck showed us that brotherhood/ friendship is very important and that some people are closer to you and are always there for you, also he shows that some people are really your friends and will do anything to protect you. First, George Milton and Lennie Small were two men who travelled together through the story. George was a smaller built man but Lennie was a huge man with large eyes and broad shoulders.The beginning of the story starts by a pool side. Lennie began to scoop water from the pool in his hands to his mouth. George warned him that the water he was drinking may have been bad. Since Lennie was slow he didn 't realize the dangers of drinking the water. Lennie happens to forget things very quickly and he forgot the simplest instructions quickly, George gets very agitated by this because he kept having to tell Lennie things because…show more content…
At first Crooks didn 't want him to come in because she thought he was like the others and was try to talk about him. Shortly after Curley’s wife came into Lennie’s bunk asking about Curley 's whereabouts and when the men tell her they don 't know she asks what happened to Curley 's hand and the men continue to tell her that he got his hand caught in a machine but she doesn 't buy it. Right before she left she asked Lennie where did he get his bruises from and while he had the look of shame on he just replied “ He got his hand caught in a
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