Of Mice And Men Relationship Between George And Lennie Friendship

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In John Steinbeck’s thought-provoking book Of Mice and Men, George shows friendship towards Lennie by helping him with everything because deep down he enjoys having Lennie around. A true friend is someone who is willing to aid you in any situation. George demonstrates this to Lennie. He shows understanding through everything Lennie does. George cares for and takes care of Lennie even though he could easily leave him. He protects Lennie from the trouble he could get into. George makes sure Lennie stays safe. Lennie would be killed or taken to a mental hospital if George was not around. George protects Lennie from his own actions and the actions of others. For example, men accuse Lennie of rape while they are in the town of Weed. George helps him escape town and lines up another job for them somewhere else. He knows Lennie would never make it on his own.…show more content…
If George was not there for Lennie, Lennie would not be around as long as he was. George keeps his promise to Lennie’s Aunt Clara. George promises that he will take care of Lennie after Aunt Clara dies. George is all that Lennie has. Because Aunt Clara is gone, she will not know if George does not keep the promise. He does anyway. George would rather take care of Lennie, then be alone. Also, George tells Lennie not to drink the water in a pond. Lennie just runs up to the pond and takes a drink without thinking. George tries to get Lennie not to drink it so Lennie does not get sick. George could easily just let Lennie drink the water, but George cares enough that he does not want Lennie getting sick. Also, George defends Lennie from Curley after they first arrive at the ranch. When Curley lashes out at Lennie for not speaking George says, “He can talk if he wants to tell you anything” (Steinbeck 25). George defends Lennie from Curley’s out lash. Curley easily gets mad and does not like bigger men. George cares so much that he will risk getting in a fight with
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