Of Mice And Men Sacrifice

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The American dream is something that we all strive for in one way or another. Whether it’s being equal to the people around you, or having freedom to be successful in whatever you want in life. But for the characters in Of Mice and Men it is the dream of owning land and being independent from everyone else. But the American Dream is not something that is given to you, it includes work ethic, knowing that the dream may be impossible and the sacrifice that may have to be made. These are all things that George and Lennie and other characters in the book have to do to eventually reach the American dream. The work ethic that both George and Lennie have is enough for them to eventually achieve their dream of a little farm house with rabbits, but not all of the work they do is on the ranch. George and…show more content…
We have all had to sacrifice something to get to what we want, wether it was a good night sleep, a night with friends, or an actual friend. We have all experienced it in one way or another, but George made a sacrifice that cost him a lot. It cost him a friend, and someone else life. When he shot Lennie in the back of the head, George was sacrificing his only friend, and that friends life. He knew that Lennie would never be able to survive with the guys on the ranch chasing him and wanting to kill him. George sacrificed the dream of the farm and his only friend so that he could die knowing that George was not mad at him. When striving for the American dream, there are many things that must be sacrificed along the way. Many things that must be understood, one of them being the fact that the dream could very well be impossible, and the work ethic that must be used to reach the dream. These are things that all of the characters in Of Mice and Men have to go through, along with every single one of
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