Of Mice And Men Sacrifices

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The sacrifices friends make to help a friend get out of trouble. In the book Of Mice and Men with John Steinbeck shows that friends make great sacrifices to help each other. This book is about two friends traveling to a new job and ultimately ending in one friend making the choice of taking his best “friend” life. Steinbeck 's description of George and Lennie’s friendship helps justify what George did in the end. George takes care of Lennie. When George and Lennie left Weed they came across a pool of water. Lennie told George to drink some, but George did not want to drink because it looked scummy. George told Lennie you should never drink water if it is not running (3). George is trying to keep Lennie from getting sick. George cooked some…show more content…
Back in Weed Lennie got accused of rape and all he did was grab the lady’s dress because he liked it. When she started screaming Lennie got scared and held on to the dress and George had to hit him over the head with a fence picket to make Lennie let go. The men of Weed wanted to lynch Lennie, so George got him and Lennie out of town and got them new jobs (42). Lennie was in the barns with the pups and was playing with the one he liked. The pup made like he was going to bite Lennie. Then Lennie pretended to smack the pup but actually ended up smacking the pup. Lennie accidentally killed the pup and then he hid it in the hay in the barn (87).While he was sitting in the barn Curley’s wife came in and she started talking to Lennie. She told Lennie to feel her hair and he said no so she grabbed his hand and put it on her hair. Lennie began to stroke her hair and then he stroked it harder. Curley’s wife asked him to stop when he did not stop she began to scream. Lennie covered her mouth and nose with his and cause he was scared and did not want to get in trouble because she was screaming. Lennie ended up killing Curley’s wife (91). Lennie did not know his own strength so when he got scared and held on it got him in trouble. In the end George decided to kill Lennie. Lennie was in a lot of trouble and George and the good friend that he is tought it would be best to put Lennie out of his misery. George cover up what Lennie did and help him stay out of
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