Of Mice And Men Should Be Banned Essay

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Therese Pivarunas
November 1, 2017
Literature 2 Honors Period 4
Banned Book Essay

A deep friendship between two people has always been valued in society. The novella Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, should not be banned from libraries and schools, rather, it should be taught to students and remain accessible to the public. This book takes place in the middle of the Great Depression, and follows the journey of two workers looking for jobs in California. Lennie and George, the two workers, support each other through their companionship and hope to make enough money to start a new life. This story contains relatable characters who try to achieve their goals in life, a compelling story of hardship, and features a strong bond between two
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Lennie and George’s strong bond, however, is a point in favor of keeping the book accessible to all. For example, George cares for Lennie, and though he could leave at any time, he chooses to ensure that Lennie is safe. Furthermore, while George does shoot Lennie at the end, it is to protect him, in a way. Curley had sworn to kill Lennie, and George knew that Lennie could not escape, so he shot Lennie before Curley could. In addition, the book does not present George as having enjoyed killing Lennie, in fact, it is quite the opposite. After killing Lennie, George is stiff and numb, and Slim, a farmhand, decides to take him for a drink.
Of Mice and Men should be read in schools and be available in libraries, not banned from people’s access. The sympathetic characters, compelling plot, and a strong companionship that runs throughout the book are all positive aspects of keeping this book available to read. Throughout their journeys, Lennie and George hoped that they could acquire a small farm, and this hope brought them through many difficult times together. Hope can help people through the darkest of times, and give them a goal for which to
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