Of Mice And Men Similar Characters

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The novel, Of Mice and Men, has several characters in it that I have noticed have similar characters as myself. These characters that I will write about are Lennie, George, and Slim. These characters are very important to the plot and are very important to me as well. Lennie has similar qualities to me because he is always trying to please his friends. Other similar qualities he has is being a good worker and follower. I always try to please my friends by making them laugh or agreeing with them. Lennie tries to please his friends by emulating their actions and being nice to everybody regardless of who or what they are. I try to be nice to everybody as well so we have that in common. Another quality we share is being a good worker. Lennie is so strong that he can pick up several bags and load them into the truck by himself, while it takes two regular…show more content…
I have an infinite amount of love for my friends and will not hesitate to tell them when they look good or when they do something impressive. Slim is very nice and never puts his friends down or discourages them, he praises them instead, like a good friends does. I always try to be nice to others and give them compliments whenever I notice something I like about them. Another reason Slim and I are similar is because he has to make decisions. I do not just think twice when making a decision, I think many times before I decide what is the best choice to make. Since Slim has the respect of everyone on the ranch, I imagine he has to think deeply when he makes a decision as well. Slim and I share many qualities that have become core parts of our personalities. Reading the novel, Of Mice and Men, has gifted me with incredible characters, some more well-mannered than others, who I can relate to on a personal level. George, Lennie, and Slim, specifically, are the characters I can relate to the most and I am happy to have been given this book to
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