Of Mice And Men Symbolism Essay

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Symbolism is used in literature pieces to add dimension and depth to the story that is being told. The symbols that are used are usually subtle and discreet but are mentioned or talked about quite often. This is because in literature if something is mentioned more than once then it will most likely hold a greater significance than it may lead on. The author John Steinbeck uses many symbols in the story Of Mice and Men to add a better understanding on why some characters act the way they do. The way he adds symbolism to this story is through the animals that live with the characters or are talked about frequently. Three of which are Candy’s dog, Lennie’s puppy and the rabbits that are often mentioned by Lennie. These three symbols all have a deeper meaning to the story than they perceive to have. John Steinbeck uses Candy’s dog, Lennie’s…show more content…
He is an elderly man who used to be a handyman and is now only left with one hand due to an accident he had. He worries often that the boss of the ranch will see Candy as useless and kick him off. Candy also owns a dog that he has had since the dog was a puppy. As the dog was growing up it became a great sheepdog, but now that the dog is older it is seen as a “drag-footed sheepdog, with pale, blind eyes and a grizzled, moth-eaten coat” (pg. 24). It is evident that Candy and his dog show similar traits; by both of them being old, not able to work how they used to, and not really needed on the ranch. Candy isn’t able to put in the amount of work that he wishes he could, and his dog can’t be the excellent sheepdog he used to be because he is much older now. Candy’s dog represents Candy through all the traits they share. This adds development to Candy’s character because when he chooses that it is best for his dog to go, life on the ranch remains the same after and this causes Candy to worry more about himself because he feels the same thing would happen if he were to
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