The Theme Of Isolation In Of Mice And Men

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Explore the ways in which Steinbeck conveys the theme of Isolation in Of Mice and Men Raj Year 10
Steinbeck, in Of Mice and Men, juxtaposes Georges and Lennie’s friendship with the loneliness of the other characters to convey the theme of isolation. He does this to show how disconnected from the American Dream the ranch workers were in 1938, having worked in one himself, and the hardships they face as a result of that. Friendship was uncommon in the many American ranches in 1938; however, George and Lennie has a friendship like no other. Their trust for each other is so great that Lennie trusts George with his life. This is shown through the use of dialogue and symbolism as George tells Lennie: “Think I’d let you carry your own work
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To George and Lennie this nearly became a reality with the help of Candy. After putting together all their money (including the wages they would get at the end of the month) they would have “four fifty.” And George thinks they “could swing her for that.” Steinbeck includes this to prove that alone no one could afford to but together the dream becomes a possibility. This shows why ranch workers never achieved their dream, as their isolation stopped them from accomplishing that. Steinbeck contrasts Curley’s wife’s marriage with Georges and Lennie’s friendship to show the causes of Curleys wife’s isolation. George and Lennie made plans of a future together, they cared for each other and made sacrifices for the each other. Curleys wife doesn’t even like Curley. She tells Lennie “I don’t like Curley, He ain’t a nice fellow.” In a strong supportive relationship at the very least you need to like the other person. 2 weeks after getting married they are already gossiping behind each other’s back with negative comments
. Instead of having companionship this leads to Curley’s wife feeling alone and the need for
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