Of Mice Of Men Theme Analysis

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There are many similarities between the three units we have went over so far and the book Of Mice of Men. I think the themes of all three units resemble the book Of Mice of Men a lot. The three themes are to not be afraid to get off the beaten path, to enjoy the view and to pack wisely, and to keep your eyes on the road and don’t feed the bears. The themes can be interpreted in many different ways, so I would like to show you how I interpret these themes in comparison with Of Mice of Men.
The first theme from unit one is to not be afraid to get off the beaten path. In unit one we read The Hobbit. In The Hobbit, Bilbo and the other dwarves all count on Gandalf to make all the decisions or save them when there is a problem. Further into the
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In unit two we read the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck and Jim are traveling down the Mississippi River and want to cross over to the Ohio River, but never get there. Throughout the whole story Huck and Jim are constantly stopping at towns along the river. By stopping at the town’s, Huck and Jim are allowing themselves to enjoy the view of the new scenery that they could just pass by, but they decide to stop not always voluntarily, but it still gives them a good experience. Huck and Jim also learn how to pack wisely. All they have is a raft and some of the time a boat, so they don’t have a lot of room for non necessities. All they keep is the things they need to get by, and that is showing how to pack wisely. In Of Mice of Men, George and Lennie are also constantly moving to find more work at a new farm. They have seen a lot of scenery through their travels, and I know that because they have traveled up and down the state of California. Just by how the author talks about the scenery by the pond shows you how important the view is to George and Lennie. They also know how to pack wisely just like Huck and Jim. They never have a definite home, since they are always moving from one farm to the next, so they have learned that they can only bring the essentials they need. If you think about it, Huck is a lot like George and Jim is a lot like Lennie. Huck and George…show more content…
In unit three we read Macbeth. The theme, don’t feed the bears, is exactly what Macbeth does. He listens to the witches when they tell their crazy prophecies, which just gives them more pleasure. Just like feeding a bear makes it more hungry. In Macbeth, it is very hard for Macbeth to keep his eyes on the road, when the witches are telling these prophecies. After Macbeth is claimed Thane of Cawdor, which is one of the witches prophecies, it is very hard for him to not want to be king, which is the third prophecy. Macbeth tries to keep his eyes on the road, but Lady Macbeth gives him just a good enough stare down for him to look off the path. Once Macbeth took his eyes off the road, which is when he killed King Duncan, he could no longer get his eyes back on the road. Since Macbeth couldn’t get his eyes back on the road, he just kept killing and killing until he was killed himself. In the book Of Mice of Men, Lennie is the one who can’t keep his eyes on the road and George is the one who tries to keep Lennie from being fed. George knows that Lennie is very attracted to soft things, so he tries to keep Lennie away from all soft things that he shouldn’t be touching. Lennie is the bear that can’t be fed because when Lennie finds something soft that he likes, he won’t let go and that becomes a big issue, which leads into Lennie not keeping his eyes on the road. Lennie knows that he has to
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