Of No One Blames A Fish For Dying In Polluted Water By Seita Sieta

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Throughout the piece there is a lot of evidence the author, Seita is credible and uses ethos about the information that he gives. He states things others have said and he has shown amazing Kiros through the piece. Sieta is a very credible person to speak on this topic. When he tells us about children and how things can affect them, he then goes to add things that he had to experience as a child. At the age of Eight he was taken away from his mother. We may know that it could of been for the best, yet that can play a role in a child when they are maturing. This can hurt kids with whom to trust, for the one person you are suppose to be able to depend on as a child was taken away from him. This can hurt the relationships they have with others for they are scared so they act out. Maybe even they are scared to get “attached” to the other caregiver, for the child may think that they will just be taken away also.…show more content…
He has shown facts and logic through this for how could you blame an animal that lives in the water and the fish didn’t pollute the water they live in the people did. This puts me in the thinking path of kids. Like children they absorb everything that they hear. They will repeat the things that they do hear and for the children they are like the fish. Children are dependent on adults to take care of them and to keep them safe. He gives a reasonable argument in the piece he explains and uses a lot of facts and kids. He also uses a lot more evidence and gives us facts that makes us believe his

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