No Spanking No Time Out, No Problem By Khazan Summary

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Do you think beating children is the way to solve behavioral problems? Would you let a stranger do it? Physical punishment isn’t the right way to solve a child’s behavioral issues. In Olga Khazan’s essay “No Spanking, No Time Out, No Problem” Olga Khazan uses emotion to persuade the parents into manipulating their child’s mind into being positive instead of their usual behavior that consists of negative thoughts. Child Development should be something that a parent and kid should be able to enjoy and not learn to be aggressive, because of the way that their parents punish them or talk to them with an aggressive tone of voice. Tone’s the most important part of changing a child’s behavior it’s simple act happy and energetic around them and they’ll follow in the same steps. Act aggressive and violent, then that’s the way the children will act.…show more content…
She uses both narrative and expository writing styles to support her purpose of persuasion--to appeal to more parents and/or readers. Khazan’s theory of the article is to show that it’s not the child’s behavior that needs to change, but the parents. She states “We don’t change their children. We change the parents, so they can change their children.” When using reverse psychology, parents can manipulate their child’s perception of their minds says (Jeff Greenberg) a Professor of social psychology at the University of Arizona (Miller). Khazan uses Alan Kazdin, a director at Yale Parenting Center to interpret her purpose throughout the article. Kazdin uses people who smoke cigarettes for an example comparing them to a child and the way that they react when they are confronted and told not to do something, saying there is no cigarette smoker on the planet that would say “What? Smoking is bad for me, why didn’t you tell
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