Of Shabbir Banoobhai's Poem 'When The First Slave Was Brought To The Slave'

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“when the first slave was brought to the cape“ is a powerful poem by Shabbir Banoobhai that tells history of slavery in South Africa which the naked eye cannot see. It is a poem that uncovers the thoughts of the oppressed slaves. This poem shows slavery in a very unorthodox manner. This is a positive showing of slavery. The poem, in my opinion, is a form of protest poetry to empower those who were considered others. This poem tackles a social issue of the others being seen as lesser. Banoobhai brings up the slaves so that they are not seen as others. He speaks for the slave and his words go what society would have thought at the time with regards to slaves and slavery. Society’s thoughts were negative towards slavery whilst Banoobhai’s words were positive.

This poem appealed to me as it had a meaning, which could be seen just by reading the poem. One does not have to read on a deeper level or read between the lines to find meaning. This poem speaks about slavery and specifically about when the first slave had arrived to the cape. The poem is positive and the slave is shown in a way, which shows that the slave is also a person and not just a lifeless object. Repetition of phrases such as “I will” (line 7) and “my voice will” (line 9) shows as strong motivation to overcome the burden of slavery and be free. The slave is positive and his thoughts are not bringing him down, but more empowering him. He acknowledges being a slave but this does not let him get negative about

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