Philip II: The Golden Age Of Spain

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One important time was when Philip II started the Golden Age of Spain. The Golden Age was during the 16th and early 17th centuries and during this time there were many famous writers, artists, and religious leaders. “Politically, the reign of Philip II was its high point. Spain was the greatest power in Europe and deeply involved in the bitter struggles taking place on the continent (Harris 64-65).” Spain had the best army in Europe, but was very poor, but they then got loads of silver that was shipped from South American mines. In 1580 Philip rose the height of his power after claiming the Portuguese throne (Harris 64-65). The chivalric and pastoral novels showed their last spark of life before being replaced by the picaresque novel. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s novel Don Quixote was one of the most important literary works of the Golden Age ( 1-2). Spanish poetry originally took on the Italian style of metre and verse form and then evolved into the wordplay known as culteranismo and conceptismo ( 2). Spanish poetry was heavily influenced by Spanish and Portuguese poets; one masterpiece that came out of this time was Luis de Camões’ epic, Os Lusíadas. “There were two main poetic schools after the mid-1500s-the Castilian school of Salamanca and the Andalusian school of Seville. Poets of both schools wrote in the style of the Italian poet Petrarch…show more content…
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