Offender Incarceration Essay

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What Should Be Done To Reduce Non-Violent Offender Incarceration?” In this essay, we will discuss how prison have long been over crowned with non-violent offenders for decades. The cost of incarceration for non-violent offenders has cost this country nearly two billion dollars a year. In the United States the cost catalyst is estimated at 175 billion dollars spent in prisons on crimes committed by non-violent Offenders. We imprisons 1.3 million in state prison 767,600 in city and county jails, also 205,000 in federal jail (Katel. et al 2011). United States has the largest population of people incarcerated in the world, of non-violent offenders. Many Americans favor less prison for non-violent offenders. To reduce non-violent offender incarceration in our society there should be, community programs, job training and home follow-up program. One of the first things that should be considered in reducing non-violent offender incarceration is some type of community programs as opposed to incarceration. Community programs, with Advocacy have been proven powerful in addressing the impact of human emotional pain and trauma as the root cause and driving force of non-violent crimes, and even violent crimes, homelessness, incarceration, unhealthy relationships, and other forms of anti-social and/or…show more content…
Job training is about seeking personal growth and peak which affect undesirable behavior after they had either experienced negative consequences in the past, can extinguish that behavior. Job programs that provides formal or informal advocacy, can reassure traditional family values, repair relationship interactions, and bonds. According to some sources Job training programs, can change the way a person view the world potentially reducing non-violent offender incarceration. We can create a healing society rather than a person’s repeating undesirable

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