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TO WHAT EXTEND ARE OFFENDERS EFFECTIVELY BEING REHABILITED IN THE COMMUNITY IN ORDER TO PREVENT RE- OFFENDING? Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction This paper is a report on an analysis of the concept of working with offenders to prevent them from reoffending. The aim of this paper is to understand the experiences of individuals who have been released from prison into the community so as to make contributions in developing relevant interventions based on the difficulties/barriers faced by these individuals. This paper aims to answer a number of questions, among them whether the offenders ever have the thought that by reoffending or breaching their conditions they would go back to prison. Whether they used drugs. It will explore the preparation the offenders…show more content…
Some of these hurdles can be overcome, whereas others are not very easy to overcome. These problems can be either interlinked or separate. The chances of gaining employment are almost non-existent due the stigma of having come from prison. In addition to this SEU, 2002 states that lack of good social skills, illiteracy as well as innumeracy are significantly to prisoners finding it difficult to settle and be integrated back into the community. Thus the offender is hindered not just by the conditions he/she finds in the society, but also by lack of interpersonal skills as well as the educational skills which are needed for effective integration into the…show more content…
Factors such as offenders not accessing services, illiteracy, inability to get employment, lack of support networks and social support. These challenges greatly increase the risk of re-offending. While they are still in custody the government can assist by preparing the prisoners for integration in the community. They can work with different services both statutory and private in order to provide a smooth transition by arranging for social support and services for offenders to be able to survive outside. There is no reason for not seeking to reduce the rates of re-offending, to turn people’s lives around and achieve improved and increase rehabilitation

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