Pryor's Criteria Of Office 365

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Pryor’s Criteria of a Good Software Office 365
• It produces the right results and exhibits the right behavior. • Auto-saved files
• User dialog appeas when you encuntered problems
• The user finds it easy to make it perform the desired functions. • Keyboard shorcut
• Similar to other product but it is upgraded to the cloud
• User friendly
• It can be easily maintained and updated. • Automatically update the software
• You can contact the IT of Office 365 24/7
• It is available (in example, will run) when it is needed. • Available when using the internet because it is in the cloud
• If offline, you can use Office 365 on Premise
• Subsciptions
• It performs a task that someone
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Office 365 was compared and analyzed with the use of Louise Pryor’s Criteria of Good software. It explains that Office 365 has the quality of good software. The other side is what makes the Office 365 becomes a good software.
The result of the conducted analysis is that Office 365 is a good software that can alsobe an advantage to the students to help their academic performance.Having a good software means that the software have a good and bad features. The researchers resulted that the Office 365 is a good software with a good features that can be an advantage.
The conducted analysis of Microsoft Office 365 consults that it is a good software. Office 365 is usable to everyone because you can easily perform your desired functions. It is only contained the same product of Microsoft but it is upgraded to the cloud that is why if you start using Office 365 you can easily use it. According to Withee and Reed (2012), one thing Microsoft did incredibly right is recognize that users don’t want to give up the things that make them comfortable. Office 365 hasn’t changed your favorites one bit. The only difference is that they are connected in the cloud. Your favorite applications of Microsoft are cloudified. Microsoft Office 365 made the users easy to perform their desired function thru giving keyboard
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Office 365 can performs a task that someone wants to perform. It is easy to use and it has a great feature. According to Bort (2014), Office 365 has fifteen (15) amazing features that everyone probably don't know. Office 365 can be used in editing documents. You can edit your documents with multiple people. If you leave the Office document, you'll be able to continue the conversation via Skype on your desktop. Instead of attaching the file you can link your finished file on the cloud. You can use many accounts on your phone with the Microsoft OneDrive app for Android and Apple. If you write notes in OneNote, you can make it convert to your calendar. When it comes to powerpoint, Bing will automatically find images for your presentations and turn your mouse icon into a laser. Additional, you can turn rows of data into a map. You can convert scribble to text and drawings. You can also ignore annoying reply-all conversations. It is also easy to put signatures in email. In excel, charts, graphs, pivot and tables made easy and let excel reformat your data. Most of its great feature is to edit a PDF file using the Microsoft
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