Office Depot Merger Case Study

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Office Depot Merger with OfficeMax Wins U.S. Approval Ochuko Asibelua Micro Economics American InterContinental University August 19, 2015 Abstract This paper will discuss office depot merger with office max wins US approval. This paper also show how this two companies relate or similar and also explaining or showing what they are really based on. Introduction This paper will discuss the recent merger of office depot and office max. This document will present argument in support of the merger and argument opposing the merger. The paper will conclude a summary of this discussion. Office Depot Merges with Office Max Office Depot, Inc. ranks as the second largest operator of office supplies superstores in…show more content…
Monopolies are price makers which mean they have the ability to set the price that consumer pay for their products. Monopolies also have the ability to control the office supply industry, in the case of Office Depot and Office Max merger. Conclusion This paper discussed the recent merger of Office Depot and Office Max. The merger created the largest office supply company in the U.S. Government regulators approved this merger which was unexpected due to the potential of monopolistic activities that can occur. This document presented an argument in support of the merger and an argument opposing the merger. References Kaur, T. (2014). VALUE CREATION THROUGH MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS: EVIDENCE FROM EXISTING EMPIRICAL LITERATURE. International Journal of Trade & Global Business Perspectives, 3(2), 907-917. Retrieved from Bertini, M., & Koenigsberg, O. (2014). When customers help set prices. MIT Sloan Management Review, 55(4), 57-64. Retrieved from
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