Office Layout In The Workplace

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Brief Introduction
In this section of the report, terms such as office layout, productivity and satisfaction will be defined in a detailed manner.
A. Office layout
Office layout, according to V.S.P Rao is a planned arrangement of all the factors that provide for the flow of work in the most efficient, effective and smoothly. Proper arrangement of equipment and furniture employ a great deal of influence on the smooth functioning of office work. Office layout is defined as an arrangement of office furniture and equipment within the available floor space. Equipment and furniture should be arranged in a manner that will fully utilize the existing floor space. The principle of office layout is effective space utilization.
Office layout
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When employees are productive, they are able to achieve more work in a given amount of time. Their efficiency will help company to save money in time and labour. In contrast, when employees are unproductive, they require longer time to complete their tasks and projects. Their unproductivity costs employers to spend more money due to the lost time.
Productivity is associated with employee’s morale. When employees are content with their work and at their workplace, they are more motivated and driven to work. This will lead to an increase in productivity. On the other hand, poor morale cause employee to be demotivated and disengaged.
E. Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction is an extent to which employees are happy and contented with their jobs and work environment, which can affect job performance. Employee satisfaction can be measured using an employee satisfaction survey. The survey addresses topics such as management, empowerment, pay or total compensation, promotion opportunities, teamwork, communication and interaction between co-workers.
Another ways to measure employee satisfaction can be carried out by meeting team in a small number and asking questions verbally. Some organizations uses exit interviews as another way to assess employee satisfaction in that employees who are satisfied rarely leave
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The most popular form of office design is open-plan office which is characterized by moveable low partitions that separate individual workspaces. Office layouts have been shifting from private individual offices to open-plan models that inclyde more co-working spaces.
Open-plan offices offer organization with more flexibility in spatial configuration and each employee occupies less space, hence reducing in real estate expenses. Aside from that, an open-plan office design offers more opportunities for collaborating among co-workers and it also create a sense of community among employees. A study in Harvard Business Reviews reveals there is significant increase in workplace productivity when companies encourage collaboration by switching to open offices. It indicated a performance increase in terms of speed and accuracy of work by

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