Office Space And Fraud

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Office Space A comedian movie related to the frequently existing issues at a workplace in the new technological era. This movie was released on February, 1999 taking place at the Software Company Initech located in Houston, Texas. With a great cast, composed by famous actors such as Mike Judge, Jennifer Aniston, Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, among others. Office Space performs a comic film of the stressful matter people experienced at work on a daily basis as well as the several factors that could lead to commit fraud. The acute frustrations set off with a computer programmer employee whose work was not properly appreciated by his managers. A set of inefficient equipment, complaints, indignities, and humiliations make him start to feel annoyed and desperate which consequently causes him to hate his job. The climax departed when the programmer, Peter, decided to get help from a hypnotherapist. Everything has a 360 degree turn, and Peter started to act completely different and do what he always wanted to do. Fortunately, his supervisors like his behavior and chose to upgrade him. The worst comes after Peter, not satisfied with his promotion, determines to get revenge against the company and in complicity with his two friends commit fraud.…show more content…
A great example of fraud was when Peter and the two employees hacked the corporate system in order to transfer money to their personal accounts. Moreover, theft is executed when they stole the copier machine with the only intention to destruct it. These types of frauds have been considered misappropriation of assets since both, the money and the copier machine, were counted as a part of the company assets and they as employees of the IT company abuse of their job positions to benefit their personal needs through the omission of fraudulent
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