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The movie Office Space portrays the different aspects of dissatisfaction and non-commitment from employees perceptive and experience in the work environment. Industrial- Organizational Psychology is the focus, on the application of different psychological and organizational issues that the employees encounter (Spector, 2011). Office Space explores many facets in the Industrial- Organizational (I/O), such as Organizational Commitment, Performance Appraisal, Psychological Testing, Physical working conditions and McGregor’s Theory X and Y, which this paper will evaluate and analyze. The movie portrayed and used elements that are from (I/O) research and others that were not from (I/O).
Movie Synopsis The movie Office Space, produced in 1999, illustrates
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It can give employees feedback, in order to improve and maintain their job performance and skills. It is a two-step process that determines, what is meant by a good performance, followed by the implementation of procedure to appraise employees, by determining how well they meet the criteria (Spector, 2011). Usually perform by the supervisor, it can be time consuming, Performance Appraisal can provide job performance data used for administrative decisions, employee development and feedback and research that determines the effectiveness of organizational practices and procedures, whether it is negative or positive (Spector, 2011). Criterion is a standard, which you can judge the performance of anything and/or any person. Performance Appraisal uses the actual criterion, which the theoretical criterion is operationalized or assessed. The theoretical criterion is a theoretical construct; it is the idea of what good performance is (Spector, 2011). Performance Appraisal can be performed by evaluating several or single tasks, whether it is quantity or quality, or both of the tasks. It also can rate the employee, using a criterion dimension, such as attendance, communication, etc. Performance appraisal in the movie office space indicates an unrealistic definition of it. It displayed workers who are careless being promoted and those who are hard workers being let go. When the Bob’s…show more content…
The employee’s physical working environment were small cubicles, which block their views from windows and sunlight. Because the organization did not want them to be distracted from outside interference. The cubicles were compacted together and each coworker could hear a pen drop from another’s desk. . The office equipment did not work properly. The copy machines always malfunction and the supplies were of a poor quality. Milton physical working conditions were the worst. Milton was forced into the basement with pests. Milton eventually, burn the office. Peter quoted that “Human beings weren 't meant to sit in little cubicles, starring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements.” The poor physical working conditions caused Peter to resent his
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