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The officer career-oriented/vocational education (henceforth CO/V education) is in its whole functions, a great extent dependent on the way in which the individual student and country fulfill its function. Improving the personnel policy is one of the priorities of every defense organization. The strategic training function meaning in a defense organization has now also penetrated to every senior officer who sits in the position as a line manager.
The aim of this essay is the result reflects of the discussion concerning the common goals of student and professors in general. It could also be the tool for improvement and development of the officer CO/V education in order to create desirable managers for the defense organization.
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Students become always more critically and take less pleased with apologies. There is more and more expectations that the organization anticipates closely and fast on the present need.

Insert physical training in the curricula of the officer CO/V education. Training can be: short and long terming courses; seminars; workshops; .conferences; training periods et But also important are the exercises: By means of exercises theoretical knowledge in practice is brought for the guarantee of the alertness. Exercises become to distinguish in among other things: field exercises; common exercises (national and international) exercises differently than those which has been intended for preparation to armed conflict for example:
-Peace operations and humanitarian operations;
-Simulation which serves for the promotion of the flexibility and the speed of decision-making which can be reviewed by means of alternatives.

As a proposal to further development of the officer CO/V educations I would like map some attention areas:
• What is the current
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This means that after the initial training the function achievement must be interrupted for a certain form of continued training and innovation. In order of this development the officer can get the aptitude to do acquire functioning at a higher (ranks) level. This idea of permanent education is reached by the use of officer’s career-oriented training system. It is noticed that the soldier not only learns during training. Also in correctly especially in its function achievement the soldier develops. He stands in the middle of the problem field: the work situation is its learning situation. In the didactics this form of learning is called
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