Officer Jack Jones Case

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On December 21, 2007 at four thirty or so in the afternoon, just before the sun began to set, Officer Jack Jones was notified by Mrs. Janet Parson, the department dispatcher, that someone had been shot at the Ralph’s supermarket, down the road from the Pressly Dry Cleaning store, in Irvine, CA. The Ralph’s is located on the West side of Walnut Boulevard, and fafces, Culver Ave.; sitting right next door to a Starbucks coffee shop. Its address is 1609 Culver Ave. A white man was shot by another white man, according to several people who must have seen the crime, including Mark LaPage, who lives at 242 Golden Glow street, in the city of Irvine, not too far form the University of Irvine campus.

After having a cup of coffee, Officer Jack Jones, the reporting officer, got to the scene of the crime. He spoke with another witness, JUDY WILLSON who said she could recognize the man who had shot Mr. Peitry, the Ralph’s manager. The shooter was described as having a baseball cap on, so Judy Couldn’t see his hair color. He had on blue jeans, with the left pocket torn off. A light brown colored jacket over a beige colored shirt that also had dark brown stripes on it. JUDY told me that things happened to fast to get any more information or details about the murderer, but that she could recognize him if she saw him again, even though she
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Gary Peitry was laying on the ground when Officer Jack JONES arrived. There was a lot of blood pooling around his head and several of he onlookers were turning kind of green. There was a star shaped entry woulnd by the left side of Mr. Peitry’s neck and the base of his head, just below his ear. There was an erring in Mr. Peitry’s left ear, kind of a bluish or greenish stone set in silver. Mr. Peitry wasn’t breathing, and OFFICER Jones could find no pulse, even though he looked for a few minutes, and even checked his ankles. Mr. Peitry’s body was laying on the East side of the parking lot, with his head facing Culver

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