Officer Jurgens: A Short Story

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You’re unbelievably excited. You’ve been planning this party for weeks now. Brian is going to bring a keg, and Patty’s bringing the lighter fluid. Your bonfire is going to be one for the books. You rush home after school, get your Bluetooth speaker and make a fire (pun intended) playlist. You arrive early at your predetermined location and get everything set up, and watch people start flooding in. The weather shows no clouds in the sky, and stays clear all night. So how does your bonfire lose its fire? Officer Jurgens calls in dispatch, that’s how. The fire truck drives away and you’re left staring at the breathalyzer. You exhale a sigh of relief because unlike Brian, you haven’t drank anything yet. You’re one of the first few to hop in like to get your breath checked for alcohol content, and when it enables clear results, you get the heck out of dodge. You’re one of the lucky ones, unlike Brian, who’s sitting in a frigid, cold jail cell waiting for one of his parents to come pick him up. He’s unsure of what his punishment will be, and this is where an attorney comes in. The are there to explain to the judge why kids like Brian should get a specific punishment. The attorney will base their reasoning off of a chart. They will also look at specific details of any crime committed. Brian may have the option to get a diversion if he pays a certain fine, and may…show more content…
Where a crime is committed is referred to as a crime scene and everything is now considered evidence. Anything the police wrongfully handle, without taking something directly to an evidence compartment, or even leaving it out of sight can make the evidence invalid. This is because without the weapon or relevant surrounding object under direct supervision or properly locked up, it has the potential to be tampered with. Even the mere possibility of mishandled evidence renders it useless in any court
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