Officer Separation Board (OSB)

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More valuable than any weapons system, tank, or unmanned aerial vehicle is the Soldiers that operate them. Americans have depended upon brave men and women to defend our country against all enemies both foreign and domestic for the last 240 years. In a society where less than 1% of our entire American population serves in one capacity of the armed forces, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines Airmen, and Coast Guards have a crucial mission. As sequestration continues looming on the horizon, the Army had to devise its own concepts to reduce the size of its force. One initiative is the Officer Separation Board (OSB). The OSB identifies and selects Soldiers in a variety of ranks and year groups announced by the Human Resources Command (HRC). During…show more content…
These training opportunities at the National Training Center or the Joint Readiness Training Center increase the awareness and capabilities of a unit and prepare them to deploy. Before a deployment, these major training activities set the stage for the organization to be successful depended upon the theater they are deploying. With the threat of sequestration and decreasing budgets, we are limiting the opportunities an organization will be able to train. According to Major General Dyson units scheduled for missions to Afghanistan and Korea or that are part of the global response, force by protecting, but the remaining 78 percent may face training cuts (Thayer, 2013). By not having, the budget or flexibility to continue to train for future operations places our national security in jeopardy. Placing Soldiers on the battlefield for a mission they have not received the proper training for, is unacceptable. Sequestration is the culprit and Congress can fix the issue by approving a realistic defense budget. By not maintaining, a robust modernization program will set the stage for conflicts in the

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