Officer Slabinski Case

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Lyssa Danehy De Hart once said “Every moment offers us choices. Choose wisely because the choices you make, make you “. This quote is true in the case of officer Slabinski who made a wrong choice which made him comes across as negligent and a coward in the eyes of others. Till this day officer Slabinski regrets what he has done but still feels that there was nothing he could do in the place he was in. In the article “Seal Team 6 and a Man Left for Dead: A grainy Picture of Valor” by Sean D. Naylor, tech sergeant John Chapman was left to battle terrorist group Al-Qaida on his own on top of a mountain. While doing so navy SEAL team 6 retreated and left him behind thinking he was dead. The one who was accountable for leaving the sergeant on…show more content…
The article states “he feared that critics in the special operations community would blame him while glossing over decisions by the high officers that contributed to the deaths. ‘they’re going to say: ‘Yep, it’s all your fault. You left him up there, behind, alive,” he said. This shows that officer slabanski feels like he should not entirely take the blame for the deaths that happned the war, and that others should be held accountable as well. He feels like he is taunted of the decision he has made while the higher ranked officers are not put to blame despite the fact that slabanski “requested to delay the mission by 24 hours to reduce the risks” but is denied the request to do so by the higher ranked officers. This puts slabanski actions under a different light and revaluates the idea of him being negligent. In the beginning he was trying to take cautious measures and reduce the risks of deaths by suggesting to delay the mission but it was not in his hands to do and that the higher ranked officers will be the ones to blame since they approved of the mission being put forth despite the fact that the greater risks should be discussed before carrying out the mission blindly without reviewing the possible
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