Official Faces Corruption Trial Chris Buckley Analysis

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Power is the source of all evil in the world which makes it more dangerous than everything else. Particularly, all of the most horrendous people in history all wanted this one thing called power. Power changes people by corrupting them, making them greedy, and bring out the darkness in people. Corruption only helps a society by trying to gain more power for that one ruler in the region. All this leads to is “major losses to public assets and to the interests of the states and people,” (Buckley). In a Chinese Former Official Faces Corruption Trial by Chris Buckley presents a leader named Zhou Yougkang who is very corrupt. He took advantage of others to gain power which hurts the government. Hurting the government affects the people in their everyday lives. That is why the people of that Society had put them on trial for ruining their government. The corruption is in a person only starts by…show more content…
In the article The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave demonstrates a lovely woman of the “kindest heart and finest feelings.” (Douglass) before she had any power over people. Once she got any such power as a result, her “angelic face gave place to that of a demon…” (Douglass). The power had changed her completely in every way possible. Once slavery came into effect she turned evil on the people that saw her as an angel. Power only cause people to be destructive as their true nature comes out. In spite of, some people arguing power does not affect in a horrible way on the other hand, history has proven otherwise. Concerning, what power can do to some individuals however, not all. Individuals who have power help “guide to achieve greater levels of workplace happiness and eventual success” (Gottschalk). Every leader has one of ejective in mind and that is to help his group of people succeed no matter what. Only a person who has the power will determine if it will be used right or
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